Sunday, 17 June 2012

Short Sweet Break

This week was the first week of my holidays and TOMORROW I START CLASS AGAIN. A consequence of which I brought upon myself. I am taking the winter subject Evidence and Proof which will hopefully free up some time next semester for a little less law and a little more everything else.

Melbourne is a pretty lousy place to be spending my week off, what with the rain and the drizzle and the cold, cold weather. I spent the week catching up on Revenge (oh my that season final was intense). I cooked cookies (from a box, which always seemed so....but were actually delicious). And I beached.

Wye River is so calming in winter. My sister and parents all came down and we walked the hills and watched movies and drank tea. It was all so very rejuvenating, although a not-so-little part of me is happy to be back in Melbourne with never ending internet. Here are a strange collection of pictures from my lovely nothing week.

They're a bit cute aren't they?

Monday, 11 June 2012

in a coin laundry

Dear long lost Blog,

I shall welcome myself back into your arms, as I am finally home from the treacherous and exhausting journey of the Exam Period. Every semester I forget how intense the study must be. How domineering and time consuming- and all to pass! But now, for a little while, I am free from its clingy and needy grasp.

Back to you, little Blog!

Towards the end of exams I reached ever new lows of repeated outfits, baked beans for lunch, cereal for dinner and bags of jelly snakes in between. Health and fitness were shafted for quick and easy (do not mis-read that little Blog as lite and easy- things never got quite that bad).

But now, I have weeks to do whatever I please. Which began with going to the coin laundry to dry a years worth of washing. It is perpetually freezing in Melbourne these days and our little house is a little lack on drying facilities (our washing machine is under the stairs so we are already challenged in the laundry department).

So, to the coin laundry. For $3 and 17 minutes of my time I had the pleasure of watching the drying process. Well I never! The effectiveness of it all! Open until 11pm seven days a week! This may become my new thing.

I hope you have been well, little Blog. Let us be friends again.