Welcome to Clinging On to Calm. 

Sometimes I am very much clinging and slipping. I'm in my second year of graduate law school and I'm not that fun to be around sometimes. Too stressy, too bossy, too mean. So! Am trying to stay happy likeable during this law stuff. Doing little things that make me happy. 

I like day trips, apples, Lachie, trashy magazines, regular lattes, running and living sugarless.

I live in North Melbourne in a little sharehouse where the washing machine lives under the stairs. We share half the land with a corner store and bins go out on Wednesday. 

I don't like pairing my socks, I don't really cross the Yarra and I hate football. I have many freckles and I'm pretty good at yoga. I also haven't told anybody I know about this blog. It's not for them.

I can be found on twitter.

Thanks for stopping by, you're very welcome to pop around again if you can fit me into your blogosphere.