Sunday, 22 April 2012

Blogging v Future Career

Needed this muchly when I woke up this morning.

Had planned last week to trek down to a Geelong football match with Sister and Boy. This is kind of a big deal for me as I don't tend to be very patient with team sports of any kind. I feel like they drag on a bit. A lot. Anyhow, we drove to Geelong for the game as it started off in the most beautiful way.

About fifteen minutes in I was doing admin law readings and it was overcast and showery.
Apparently this was rude of me to not appreciate the talent on the field. 

So I went in search of hot chips. 
Actually, it was a pretty nice way to spend Sunday afternoon.
As far as these things go.

Probably won't ever be as dedicated as this little guy though.

Just a quick word about blogging. 

I am currently a bit unsure about the whole thing. On the plus side it is a good way to make me appreciate the nice things about my days. I now look for small beautiful snippets to blog home about. Turns out- they're everywhere. Who knew! 

On the down side I'm not certain that "as a law student" it is very appropriate to be a Blogger. We are supposed to be impartial creatures acting without prejudice or opinion. We are advised to have our social networking sites locked. We are cautioned about having any information available about us that may be taken negatively by a potential employer. So now I'm deciding whether posting small bits and bobs about my otherwise insignificant days is of any consequences to future employers. I'm not sure it is. But I could be wrong and this could be the beginning of the end of my future career. And I had such high hopes!

But for now, I think I will keep the blog. I will however, respect the wishes of those who, for their own reasons Do Not Wish to Be Named or photographed on this small site. Friends and significant others will rename unnamed, as no one else asked to be flaunted on the WWW by me.

When I eventually reach the inevitable stage of applying for clerkships (intern-ish placements in law) I may just wipe this from space. Probably a copy of it will exist somewhere in the internet abyss but not to be found with ease. Like all of the photos from my high school computer. 

For the meantime Clinging On to Calm can now be found via google. Genius. As always, feel free to comment on anything at all.

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