Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Public Holiday

I am now that person who takes photos of food. And blogs about it. I spent the day cafe hopping with my admin books.

Many would say Clare, why blog about your silly little day and post meaningless pictures of food? To that I say, good point. I tend to become obsessed with things in short and intense bursts. I learn everything I can about the subject and cram it all in, because I don't know when I will just as suddenly be over said subject. This happened when I quit sugar completely for a month and read for hours about all the dangers of the white poison. Then easter happened.

I became equally obsessed with Mormonism. Have no interest in becoming a Mormon- they're just weirdly fascinating. Now a bit meh. Same with my blog. So fun for a while. Now it is a little challenge to post something, anything everyday. Just some routine, in a good way.

Posting means getting a little break from studying, or watching Modern Family when I should be studying, or thinking about how much I should be studying. As the days roll over I should be doing more studs and less everything else. But I think back to exam prep in previous years and I feel sick with how much effort is required for seemingly so little reward. Supposedly it will all be alright in the end. Just feels a tad like high school when people kept saying "wait until you're in the real world" when we obviously were already. Still feels like I'm not quite there yet. Still studying. Stuck in a study funk. Surely will blow over. Yes?

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