Friday, 20 April 2012

Law Ball

Last night was law ball. I'm still recovering.  Clutching blue gatorade and some luke-warm porridge, lovingly prepared by someone not going through the multiple stages of recovery. My feet are in an unusual amount of pain. And I even swapped from ridic-high shoes to wedges. Sincerely hope I didn't cause some sort of unintentional tort in those monsters.

It was the most fun night. I was on a ladies only table and we were a bit crazy. See photo of posing with mini chillies (which for whatever reason I seem to keep in my purse). I got to catch up with some people I haven't hung out with in far too long, which made realise that next time maybe shouldn't be so long. Good intentions.

I have class in an hour. This seems overly optimistic. After all, I went to a class yesterday that most people skipped to begin ball prep. Therefore I deserve... unlikely my lecturer will appreciate this logic.

How was your Thursday night? Get up to anything exciting some place else in the world?

The descent:

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