Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Hidden Secrets of Success

Well thank god for this. Now I know.

Today we were issued several small booklets created by the law school and designed stop 
STOP DEPRESSION IN IT'S TRACKS. They include tips and tricks of the trade to get you feeling ace about life again.

This year my uni has made a concerted effort to create awareness about the dangers of the stressful life lawyers lead. Pfft I hear you say- with all that money and those corner offices- what's not to love!

Sadly however there have actually been heaps of studies on the high rates of severe depression among lawyers. Its a naturally competitive environment with crazy hours. A lot of firms bill associates and junior lawyers in 6 min blocks which doesn't generally encourage bonding over the water cooler. Of course the content most lawyers are dealing with is also fairly intense and involves working with or against people at their worst point in life. Sign me up!

This lawyers with depression thing seems to start early. There are more and more students seeing psychologists for stress related issues from first year onwards and the drop out rate in law school is fairly high (don't know exact numbers as hard to tell who drops out before the census date).

Anyway, this isn't a rant about showing lawyers of the land some love. Its just another small reason why focussing on things that make me happy and hopefully stress-free is pretty important with this ye old profession I seem to have chosen.

Also have heard job hunting is fairly heinous so may as well find peace with being a student for ever.

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