Friday, 13 April 2012

Getting into the blog of things

What you want in a good blog

As of this year I have spent many an hour in trusts law perusing the blogosphere. There are so many clever little blogs doing different things and many bloggers actually earning a living on their creations.

Not really the goal of this blog. 

It's more of an outlet. An extension of twitter if you will. People says blogs are public diaries but I don't think that fits either. The blogger presents a very select view of life. My posts and tweets are really but a drop in the ocean of my strange but mostly routine days. I think it is for the benefit of everyone if I subsist from posting extensively about trust law. Although it probably would help me with the actual learning of trusts.

I have blog envy for a strange and specific category of blogs. The Mormon Mummy blogs of Utah have captured my attention like no other! The fascination lies in the beautiful "mamas" who post about the beauty of their lives. They are often close to my age but are married and have at least one super photogenic child. They spend time walking around American cities with red lipstick on and their babies strapped to their chests, instagram at the ready to capture the idilic-ness of it all.

Emily Matchar wrote of the success of the mormon mummy blog on and about her own obsession with such blogs. As another unmarried overly educated student with zero kids in my life (or in my friends lives) I don't quite understand my own attraction to these blogs.

But really I do, because these woman make life seem happy and beautiful. Which I guess is what most blogs do in some way or another.

Principle lesson from this blog: it is not a real portrayal of my life or any other- but merely a snapshot of life on a good day, with an iphone camera and rose coloured glasses. But that's ok too.

Hanging out in the home of the Mormon Mommy Blogger

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