Saturday, 14 April 2012

Running from the law

Surviving the JD is a tiny bit easier with running

I am nearly (but not quite- exams and hell yet to come) half way through my law degree and man it is tricky some days. So much inside time staring at computers or books or each other. So much staring and typing in law!

Last year I lived in a little house with very few windows. Those were the days. To cope we started running one day out of the blue. We just decided that as a house we should run. It would be good for us and we'd feel better. For me, the thing about running is that you feel better after and maybe at the very beginning but not during. Ever. At all. Which is why its so easy to not go and to stay inside and stream stuff or highlight stuff or facebook stuff. This is not good. 

My friend was diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency in the midst of her arts degree heyday because she got so caught up and forgot to go outside. In such a sunny country when outside is right in front of us we could maybe get out amongst it a bit more. It feels better.

We now live in a different house on a different street but we still run when one of us can be bothered. Today was the most beautiful day in Melbourne so after hours of useless computer time I finally got outside and ran around and really it was pretty good. End sunlight rant because of all people I am probably most likely to get skin cancer but you can't win them all.

Today in Melbourne:

Ps some sneaky indie yarn-bombing in Princess Park.

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  1. My best friend was also diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency while in law school! We honestly would sit inside in one place for 10 hours at a time studying. I was too scared not to study! But I agree that running (or in my case, slow jogging) OUTSIDE is a key component to grad school health and happiness!


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