Sunday, 6 May 2012

1000 Steps

On Sunday, we had been inside for too long and I was getting cranky. So, we drove out to Dandenong to trek up the 1000 Steps.

The track was carved out in memorial of the Kokoda Trak and supposedly hundreds of people stomp up the stairs every weekend.

Due to my love of "this side of the river" I have never been to most suburbs on the far side of the yarra and Dandenong was no exception. Who knew it was so beautiful out there? Having re-read this post I now realise that Dandy is not on the other side of the river per se but merely a fair way from North Melbourne. Excuse my geographical ignorance.

Once you drive past the mega-marts (giant sized Big W, K-mart, Mitre 10) and up onto Mount Danders the scenery is pretty amazing. Yes this is a bit of an old-lady post about my love of scenic walks but all in all it was a chilled Saturday and only a 5th of a tank from North Melb.

We had Devonshire Tea in this little road side shack. 

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