Monday, 7 May 2012

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

If I may, I think Melbourne is having a bit of a 
Bedknobs and Broomsticks moment.
Over the weekend I was perusing other blogs and I came across a post at  

It compared the fashion of When Harry Met Sally with today.

Well I never! I have most of the relevant items in my wardrobe scoured from Op shops or Mum's cupboard or ASOS.

And now, I think Melbourne is having a Bedknobs and Broomsticks Moment. 
The one where the children are taken from London to get some 
Fresh Country Air with the 
delightfully crazy Miss Price.
Who is a wannabe witch.

This is particularly fitting with the relentless Hipster-esque-we-go-to-Melbourne-Uni-but-we-look-like-we-live-on-the-streets thing Melbournites have going on at the moment. The layering! The wintery maroons, browns and charcoals

the urchins in Nobs and Sticks

Yes this velvet blazer is on a man and not Carrie but still!

The details of a little scarf and a necktie and a tiny cap

2012 Top Man suit

ASOS man- is he a war-torn child of 1940s England??

Tell me these specs aren't Smith Steet to a T!

Ms Price in another time wearing J-Crew- is that you?

Bedknobs shoes.


  1. this is definately the style we say around melbourne way too often!
    it's still pretty chique though.

    the wing-women

  2. Very chique indeed wing-women. And I will always prefer 1940s war child style to anything a Kardashian touched.

  3. hahaha this was my fav movie ever when i was a kid! just had to throw that out there ;p
    xo dana


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