Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Firm Freebies and Cheesecake

One of the rare perks of sitting through firm sponsored seminars each lunch time; free highlighters and study related loot. Well played firms. In other news:

Last night I did zero homework. My tute was cancelled and it became all too much for me so I stayed in bed, watched revenge and made a sugar-free cheese cake. On the way to the supermarket to get cheesy products a horse and carriage pulled up next to me. Adorable. For a split second I thought, hey wouldn't it be cool if everyone got around by horse?

Then I remembered the billions of childhood trips to Sovereign Hill in Ballarat-a 1850s theme park. The stench of horse manure is a real alexanderdowner, on an otherwise awesome day filled with raspberry drops and gold panning. Nothing says good time quite like a blood-red tongue and a hand-made 1850s walking cane. Surprisingly popular with the able bodies young'uns at Sov Hill. May even top corporate branded highlighters.

Ballarat in the 1850s! The modern day recreation of the first victorian gold mining Boom. Eat your heart out Gina Rhineheart.

Cheesecakes ingrediants.

It appears substantially less visually appealing than it actually tastes.
Also, I'm a poor student and can't spring for "cake tins"etc. Yes this is a casserole dish.

DLA Piper provided post it notes (RRP $9.99 at Officeworks). Win.
Yes the pen does produce its own post-its. Double win.

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