Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Not insignificant other

Sometimes, after tutes on Tuesday night I drive home past the bottleshop where this guy works. Sometimes he lets me sit at his stool in front of a mini heater while he serves customers. It's ok, I want to say to them when they look at me- we've been together for years so I'm allowed to sit here. He doesn't like being mentioned on the WWW and doesn't like his picture being taken, but he IS just the funnest part of my life so I think this once he'll be ok it with.


  1. Oh he's cute! But so sad to hear your taken! I was hoping one day we would meet and I would set you up with my most favorite person in the world who happens to live in Melbourne! Maybe in another life.

    FYI: My guy totally hates being on the internet, too.

  2. In another life for sure! Thanks for the cyber set up but am pretty amazingly happy over here with this one.


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