Monday, 14 May 2012

Monday night mind

Yes this is mum and me and Kate again, just can't get enough of that late 80's bob!

On the drive back from Ballarat my sister Kate and I were talking about people we went to school with and what they were doing with their lives. As you do.

Kate went to an all girls catholic school and a huge proportion of the girls in her year level (who are now 25) are married with babies. Most stayed in Ballarat and did teaching or nursing. Many have had the same boyfriend-now husband since primary school.

I went to an anglican co-ed school on the other side of the lake and we were commonly perceived to be the snobs of Ballarat (completely unwarranted). I am two years younger than Kate but I can only think of one or two kids in my year level who have been married. As far as I know there is only one baby among us all. Sure we're a few years behind but I think this marks a strange trend to the other side of the lake. Many of my school friends are living in Melbourne and are on to their second degree. Some are in long term relationships, some not.

Kate would say she is the odd one out in her year level; working in Melbourne and living by herself, but in my year level she would be the norm.

I need you to understand that I am not saying either trend married/mating or learning/dating is better than the other. In some ways I feel a lot younger than I am, as a student in my fifth year of uni and my second degree. In some ways it may have been better to be on the other side of the lake with a baby and a mortgage, at least that would have been something tangible to show for 6 years. Something to contribute (probably tall reddish haired children),

Am 23 (actually I'm not for another three weeks) but there is only so much share house living, uni going, study allowance getting before another 6 years have gone by. In 6 years I have met Lachie, studied, slept, drank, travelled, studied and have been to yoga. I ask you- what else is there?!?

Am getting (am at) the point of finding uni unfulfilling. It's not useless but I don't feel useful being a law student. I feel a bit like I'm stuck at in high school ROTE learning for exams over and over and over. I know that this too will pass but finding something meaningful in the day to day is harder closer to exams and in this shitty weather. Stuck in a funk.

No one is supposed to study for this long. But then, I guess being in the workforce is pretty much forever and having a bambino is certainly forever. First world problems yes, but problems that feel real to me.

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  1. Oh I do hope you try to enjoy law school while you can. Working as an adult is never the same or any where close to the fun you can have as a student. Post-school life is lovely and fun in its own way, but so very much different than life as a student.


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