Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Positive things

I have done enough whinging of late. When really I am very lucky to be able to be doing this law degree of mine, in a city I love, with teachers and subjects that really are not so bad (other than admin).

This morning I did the PILCH (public interest clearing house) Walk for Justice which involved traipsing through the city in 5 degree weather in support of public interest legal work.

It's pretty easy to get caught up in the Big Firm dream working on corporate deals in fancy Collins Street offices, but maybe thats a bit like doing plastic surgery with a medical degree. Good for some in some worthy circumstances, but generally there are other ways that skills could be used.

In Melbourne there are many people who need legal assistance for housing, migration, criminal or family matters. Probably they need it more than those who need a multi-billion dollar trust sorted out. Or a merger and acquisition. Although they are valid in their own market I guess.

One thing I have noticed about doing law is that everything I think or write or say becomes objective and reasoned. Each time I make a proposition I immediately feel the need to acknowledge the other side of the argument. With everything. X is the better option, although I do understand why you may choose B in these circumstances. Super boring I am beginning to realise as I blog more, but hopefully a good legal skill.

It's a bit unnerving how objective legal thinking permeates my writing. I did an Arts degree and am somewhat ashamed of this development. Anyway. The walk- I did it. It was cold but worth it.

This is President Maxwell of the Court of Appeal.
He's a semi-celebrity in legal circles.
What a go-getter.

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