Friday, 4 May 2012

NYC State of Mind

This post is really just for selfish reasons. To remind myself that I was in New York just months ago and therefore I do not need to go overseas at each and every uni break (when I can scrape enough clams together). I have been and it was not that long ago even though I would give my left arm to be flying there again in June. Enough dreaming.


  1. Hi lady! I just found your blog through Steoffry Language. I'm a lawyer in Orange County, California. I totally found it difficult to cling to calm in law school and still find it hard to do so a few years out! I just got married a couple of months ago and my husband's family lives in Melbourne, I love Austrailia!!

  2. Hi Lisa Marie! congrats on your life! Ha nice to know you can be a normal person after law. Being a lawyer in Orange County seems pretty amazing if a little far off for me! thanks for stopping by.


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