Tuesday, 1 May 2012

New Zealand

This one time in 2010 I went to New Zealand with a boy and a sister. 

Yes, it was a long time ago but it was around this time of year and oh my 

I wish i could be in a van driving around NZ right now. Highly recommend. As my life right now is mostly (only) uni, streaming and sleeping I ask permission to post about slightly more exciting things I have been lucky enough to experience.

In Juneish/July we hired a colourful van for nearly a month and drove from one island to the other. We stopped where we wanted to and slept in the back (our snazzy kitchen table transformed into a bed by nightfall). It was one of the most fun trips. So laidback. So easy. NZ is a beautiful country and so easy to get around but for every hundred kiwis coming Australia-way I bet only a fraction of Aussies are trekking back to the land of fush and chups. I can't say it enough it was so cheap- and so fun and so many things that I'm not even going to list. Just go (if you can).

This big-mid-year holidays we would really love to be able to drive from Melbourne to Perth.There is just something pretty great about driving across a country. It is nothing like driving from Ballarat to Melbourne, a trip I get sick of each time I do it. Once you accept that the whole point is to just drive, you relax and it is amazing. Hopefully it will happen in July because that would be a pretty sweet way to break up the year. Come on holidays.


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