Sunday, 6 May 2012


Things I have added to Clinging on to Calm today (which words am I supposed to capitalise btw? Clearly my literature degree was incredibly useful).

1. Translation. I have noticed on my BLOG STATS that there are a number of visitors from Russia and Indonesia which is extremely cool. This may be because you thought this blog was something else but NEVERTHELESS I have added a google translation device. If this is not helpful or the translation is offensive or plainly wrong please let me know. Although, I guess if you needed translation you would not necessarily know what I intended to be my phrasing and therefore that comment was useless.

2. Subscribe. This is not creepy and I shall not actually know who is subscribing (i think). It is just an easy way to get post alerts without me having to twitter them and annoy my tweeps.

3. An about me page. Because, you know.

4. I now label posts with labels. If you click Beach you will be instantly transported back in time to relevant beachy posts. Genius.

5. Have I gone overboard? Particularly with translate? Just trying to welcome everybody to the party.

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