Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sharon Louise

Happy Mother's day Sharon Louise,

we look pretty good together you and I

Things about Shazbang and I:

1. We share the same middle name
2. We have the same size feet
3. We have both struggled with having "strawberry blonde" locks
4. We both fell in love with young doctors who run in their spare time (ran applies to Mr Moss)
5. We know all the words to Les Mis
6. We both love the cheapness of The Kindle while maintaining we are booky people who "still support the industry"
7. We both call new clothes "this old thing i've had for years"
8. We despise loud chewers
9. We think sarcasm is a valid form of wit
10. Between us we have one million freckles.

I think I get more like Mum every day and this is both concerning and amazing. The inevitability of this happening no longer scares me as Sharon Louise is a pretty good person to morph into.

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